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Endorsement Form

The results we hope to achieve cannot be realized alone. This is a community effort.

It is a reflection of the relevant, impactful work already taking place. The areas where greater coordination and support is needed and the remaining gaps we must all address under one umbrella.

We believe this in fostering a strong sense of belonging in every aspect of City life. We aim to become the most diverse city in New England by 2025.

This is an ambitious but necessary vision if we would like to continue our momentum for growth of our City. A culturally vibrant Portland is paramount in order to reach our collective success.

This success is reliant on all of us rowing together behind this road map for inclusion. We need the public, private, non profit and philanthropic sectors to lead and support the work within this umbrella. We need to come together, delve into what is necessary, embrace vulnerability, align individual efforts into collective approaches, be bold and intentional at cross-influencing each other by aligning language, metrics and programming, avoid silos, celebrate partnerships and collective success, highlight each others’ good work, call out duplication of service and hold a higher standard for those we commonly serve.

We contribute to advancing strategies and actions that will make long lasting change for our community by:

Aligning efforts and language according to the plan.

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