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Civic Inclusion

Civic inclusion draws on a resident’s ability to feel belonging and a sense of community. Civic engagement opportunities ensure that residents, including newcomers, fully participate in civic life by increasing access to leadership and democratic spaces. These opportunities, such as volunteering and participation in civic engagement, must be present for all, including new and underrepresented communities.


Strategy 1

Improve the civic engagement of people of color, including immigrants and refugees.


Short term expected result: 30% or more of those participants surveyed in OEO led initiatives, report higher civic engagement as a result of the interventions.

Long term expected result: One year after implementation of OEO programs, COM Civic Engagement results improve by 5%.



Support implementation of Language Access City Policy to ensure all Portlanders, including Portland’s Limited English Proficient population, have access to City services and City Council sessions.


Promote Naturalization efforts across the city of Portland.


Host Naturalization ceremonies at City Hall to celebrate our sense of community and foster an inclusive environment where we all have a strong sense of belonging.


Support the inclusion of more racially & ethnically diverse individuals in leadership positions, such as boards or commissions, by adapting & implementing a leadership program such as a  Natural Helpers’ Program and/or Nashville’s My City Academy.


Develop or expand a series of educational workshops and training sessions for immigrants and other populations focused on business permits, tenant rights or other local learning opportunities.


Improve the collection and completion rate of race, ethnicity, and language (REL) data within City Services


Continue to promote diversity and inclusion best practices for all City of Portland staff, including but not limited to diversity and inclusion trainings that encompass bias and prejudice.