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Cultural and Social Inclusion

Cultural inclusion is defined by an ability to foster intercultural dialogue by building connections between newcomers and longer-term residents to strengthen relationships and communicate shared values. Accountability for anti-discrimination and support for differences in religious practice or cultural orientation is a central focus. Cultural inclusion spans over many spheres, including health inclusion. The demand for respect of cultural and religious differences deems it necessary to adapt practices to a diversity of cross-sector cultural expressions.

Social inclusion allows for the participation and empowerment of all city residents to engage in community life and actively promotes a sense of belonging and shared identity. This sense of belonging is accomplished in a variety of ways, including but not limited to: demanding access to high quality green space, transportation and housing for all Portlanders, and fostering trust between residents, including newcomers, and local safety agencies.


Strategy 1

Improve Upon the Intercultural Awareness  between Newcomers and Receiving Communities and foster social connection.


Short term expected result: Aggregated results from all supported programs and initiatives indicate a greater sense of belonging and learning by all participants. 

Long term expected result: By December 2020, Portland’s my COM Social Inclusion and Cultural Inclusion results increase by 3% or more. 



Continue implementation of U.S. cultural orientation for recent General Assistance (GA) recipients from abroad/foreign-born and continue to expand reach beyond GA.


Ensure that Culture Grams are made available to City of Portland staff and published on the PortLand of Opportunity website and social media.


Continue to expose all Portlanders to our global neighbors and their traditions through a variety of ways, including the public television show Global Connections.


highlight reports and best practices to improve/reach racial equity city-wide in multiple ways, including an online central repository (PortLand of Opportunity platform) and a monthly newsletter.