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Portland Professional Connections matches foreign-trained professionals with established business people and community leaders. This informal networking program is as simple as having a cup of coffee and a chat, and then offering three contacts from your network that Connectees can also get in touch with.



Connectees are foreign-trained professionals looking to build their professional network in Portland, Maine. As a Connectee, we will match you with someone in your desired field so that you may gain valuable insight into the local job market & industry trends and build your professional network. Please note that the majority of communication for this program will be via email. You must be willing to communicate with our team.

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Connectors are vital to immersing foreign-trained professionals into a network of a specific industry in Portland. As a Connector, you will play a crucial role in helping foreign-trained professionals understand local industry trends and provide valuable information, advice and, most importantly, connections.

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Our Mission

  • Foster economic inclusion and equal opportunity to employment. 

  • Ensure that all Portlanders have an opportunity for upward economic mobility. 

  • Help newcomers build connections, gain valuable insight into the local job market, and build their professional network.

  • Provide those who work in Portland the opportunity to broaden their networks and cultivate local talent within the new Mainer community.

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