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Municipal welcome-ability is defining characteristics that display a city’s openness, preparedness, and support to integrate newcomers. This feature encourages the inclusion of underrepresented groups in leadership and civic life. Public service providers and city branding reflect values of diversity.


Strategy 1

Honor, celebrate and welcome newcomers to Portland and all who call Portland home.


Short term expected result: Aggregated results from all supported programs and initiatives indicate a greater sense of belonging by 30%.

Long term expected result: Portland’s My COM Welcome-ability results improve by 5%.



Celebrate Welcoming Week with a series of events


Create and test journey maps to help newcomers navigate the magnitude of resources available to them in Portland.


Ensure that newcomers to Portland are aware of the resources available to them by continuing to utilize the PortLand of Opportunity video game, or other means as necessary


Ensure that Culture Grams are made available to City of Portland staff and published on the PortLand of Opportunity website and social media.


Strategy 2

Actively promote Portland as a culturally and racially diverse, welcoming and vibrant city.


Short term expected result: Social media and other qualitative participatory feedback validates Portland’s welcome-ability.

Long term expected result: Portland’s my COM Welcome-ability results improve by 5%.



Capture a variety of testimonials with the message “I belong in Portland because” and “Portland speaks to me because…”  from communities of color and share their stories of success on the website, social media, and other similar platforms.


Identify partners with the goal/mission to promote Portland nationally and globally, and look for opportunities for new collaborative programs and outreach efforts.


Support city-wide celebrations, such as Restaurant Week and First Friday Art Walk, and ensure that they honor and include the uniqueness of Portland’s cultural, linguistic, and/or religious minorities.